Your iPhone 4 Has Never Looked This Hot

God knows your iPhone 4 can’t look any more bad-ass than it already does. Or can it?

With this recent iPhone 4 mod flying around the Web, it looks feasible for any iPhone owner to get a naked look at Apple’s beautiful engineering for the cost of a dangerous chemical you can find in any dad’s garage if not a local hardware store. We’re dubbing it, “iPorn”.

iPhone 4 transparent case

That’s right, the blogosphere is saying this case was made translucent simply using paint thinner. So far we have no demonstration to base these photos off of, but all the hype really makes us want to try it ourselves.

Transparent iPhone Case

Time to grab our chemically treated gloves, 3M breathing mask, metal tongs, and take our iPhone 4 cases for a dip. Ten bucks says this voids the warranty completely, but considering how dangerous, let alone damaging, this could be to the gadget, we can’t honestly say we we’d be surprised.

This mod allows you to see your iPhone’s battery, SIM card (unless you just  got your Verizon iPhone), the camera lenses, and all of the fun internal case mounts and memory. Considering the cost and shipping time for some of the more overzealous mods out there, this isn’t a bad alternative, although we hear this treatment on the 3GS doesn’t look quite so hot.

The only difficulty we see with this mod is getting Apple’s new pentalobe screws off. Don’t try this at home, kids. Ask your older, dumber brother.

Via: Gizmodo