Swimsuit Clad Santa Claus Race Raising Money for Hospital

Recently, a swimsuit and Santa Claus themed race took place in Hungary to raise money for a hospital through donations.

santa claus swim suit race

Now here’s something that you don’t see every day, or any day really! Recently in Hungary, a Santa Claus race was organized which also happened to be a swimsuit focused event. So, what do you get when you combine Santa Claus with swimsuits and a race, that according to our source, is all about raising money for hospitals? Something really special.

santa claus winter race

As you can see, dozens of people turned out for the race, most of them following the theme a little more closely than you might expect. Dressed in their best red and white bathing suits, bikinis and speedos, the participants turned out to brave the cold and run a solid race to raise money through donations. I mean, hey, who wouldn’t want to sponsor a speedo clad running, dressed in a Santa hat, bolting through town in the middle of winter?

I’ll have to say I feel a little bit jealous towards the people who got to participate in the race, because it looks like it was utter madness and some solid good times. It says something about you if you’re able to shrug off all social conventions and just go out, have fun and do it all for a good cause.

merry christmas santa claus race

And who would pass up the occasion to run a marathon wearing a fake beard, all the while looking no worse off than everyone around you? Pretty sweet.

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