21 Geeky Tissue Boxes, Holders and Dispensers

There are many things you can do in the toilet. We mean, seriously, things you can really do and enjoy, like to contemplate the tissue holder. These 21 ultra geeky tissue boxes, holders and dispensers might not be the best things to show off with your friends, but will definitely make your toilet time much more enjoyable.

Cool R2-D2 Toilet Paper Dispenser


Via: Walyou

Some Star Wars freaks from Japan have some up with a crazy idea to make a toilet paper dispenser out of our beloved droid R2-D2. If you are too shy to have him with you during your private time, you can place him on the dining table or in the car.

Chewbacca Tissue Box


Via: Star Wars

What is scarier than Chewbacca? Chewbacca’s head alone. But this Chewbacca tissue box looks quite cute even with all the hair, the hungry teeth and the wide open eyes. It’s a DIY so that you can always make one for yourself.

Lightsaber Toilet Paper Holder


Via: Walyou

When the wars between the stars are over, the Force degrades to nothing more than just a toilet paper holder. The Lightsaber toilet paper holder even comes with an image of Darth Vader. Sith happens!

Battlestar Galactica Toilet Paper Dispenser


Via: Walyou

Somebody who apparently doesn’t like Battlestar Galactica very much has brought Cylon into the toilet to scare the shit out of you, literally. The Cylon toilet paper holder’s eyes are equipped with red LED lights to increase the horror effect and replace the nightlight.

Spiderman Tissue Box Cover


Via: Deviantart

It must have taken Snivelus1 a lot of time to make this Spiderman tissue box cover. The best thing is that he made his for his friend as a Christmas present. The front of the box features the spider that he has on his back, while the other panels have the webbing that appears on his outfit.

Dr. Who Tardis Tissue Box


Via: CraftG33k

Jessica of Craft:g33k is the sweetest geek girl ever. She handcrafted this wonderful cozy Tardis tissue box for swap. She even posted instruction on her blog so that anyone interested can follow.

Remote Controlled Tissue Box

Via: Crunch Gear

I can’t believe that it’s already 21st century and we still have to go all the way across the room to grab the tissue box. To strengthen our belief, Japan has designed a remote controlled tissue that’s similar to a toy car with a maximum range of 8m for the radio signal. Called Running Tissue Box, it might be very useful in the house where the furniture will block the way, but it’ll be very helpful to play a prank on friends.

Mario Cube Tissue Box


Via: Flickr

Flickr user anilineblack has the coolest mom ever when her mom made this Mario Cube tissue box cover for her to put on the desk in the office.

Mario Piranha Toilet Paper


Via: Walyou

The Mario Piranha toilet paper is not just any toilet paper dispenser. It can work beautifully as a decoration plant on your toilet as well as a badge of honor for the gamer in you.

Nintendo Mario Tissue Topper


Via: Etsy

Designed with the NES controller on top, Mario, Luigi and the star on the sides, the Nintendo Mario tissue topper is perfect match for any gamer’s den. The side panels features popular phrases “Reach for the stars”, “I’d hit that”, “Know your mushrooms” and “Flower power”.

NES Tissue Box


Via: Flickr

Using Perler Beads, Flickr user lost_mitten made a super cool tissue box that resembles the classic NES controller.

iWipe Toilet Paper Dispenser


Via: Walyou

Given the impressive growth of Android, if things with iPhones and iPads don’t work out for Apple, they can always try a new line of product: iWipe. Upgraded from an old Mac, the iWipe is probably the most powerful toilet paper dispenser to date.

Mac Toilet Paper Dispenser


Via: Walyou

With the signature white case and silver Apple logo, the Mac toilet paper dispenser would be classified as high class product if it weren’t for the setting of the photo.

Computer Keyboard Tissue Box


Via: Chica and Jo

This beautiful keyboard tissue box is something that will make you want to have a daughter. Little Jo took the boring, wooden box and painted it with glossy black paint, then stick the needed keyboards on it to make a wonderful present for her daddy.

Robot Toilet Paper Dispensers


Via:  Walyou

Those robots look incredibly cute in the form of toilet paper dispensers. It’d be even more awesome if those robots actually function and help you clean yourself.

Shakespeare Tissue Box Cover


Via: The Green Head

Shakespeare tissue box cover is one truly dramatic tissue box cover.  The legendary author has transformed himself into a cool tissue box cover that allows tissues to dispense from his nose.

Obama Tissue Box


Via: Strange Politics

Mr. President of the United States found himself a place much closer to civil than in the White House: on the table. I wonder what he will think when he sees this strange Obama tissue dispenser.

King Tut Tissue Box Cover


Via: One More Gadget

Given the recent event in Egypt, the King Tut tissue box must be the most revolutionary commodity on the market.

Big Maoi Tissue Dispenser


Via: Vincent Chow

A scary Big Maoi head and shoulders made out of hefty resin can significantly improve the doom day when you have a running nose. Style doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to spend $53.91 to bring this statue home just to hold your tissues.

Pet Tissue Boxes



Via: Tywkiwbdi

Which one would you prefer: to have your tissues out of a pig’s nostrils or a dog’s private part? I would like to have just the tissues, thank you.

Head-mountable Tissue Dispenser


Via: Ezprezzo

Running around with a wet nasty nose suddenly doesn’t look too bad compared to the prospective of having this tissue dispenser mounted on your head. It will probably do a wonderful job as a Halloween costume.