In the Forest Lunchbox: Where Fantasy Meets Food

Forests have always been a place where mysterious creatures like fairies, dryads and nymphs live and has been an integral part in almost every fantasy novel. This piece of art has inspired a new type of woodland creature.

In the Forest front

Designer Nemo Gould has created a slew of sculptures that delve into the fantastical and mechanical. His newest piece, “In the Forest”, is a great representation of his whimsical designs. The sculpture is made from found materials that he gathered in the San Francisco Bay area and, like all of his kinetic sculptures, moves.

In The Forest Close up

“In the Forest” shows a scene of a baby-faced (literally) oval robot atop a hybrid deer/turtle ride. His mount calmly chews on some plants while the baby robot holds the reigns loosely. The piece is a bit like the dioramas that we used to make in elementary school, but far nicer looking. Instead of a shoebox, Gould utilizes what looks like a lunchbox. The forest environment is made up of fiber optic cables, roses and some plastic plants and moss to complete the scene. The back of the box doesn’t try to show the whole forest, but hints at the scene with some tree trunk and leaves in the background and some more flowers a bit more in the foreground. The main figures, while completely made up, are also familiar and seem to fit the natural environment of the forest.

In the Forest side

The dim lighting and subtle hints of the dark forest give this piece a mysterious vibe. All the elements go so well together that it’s hard to not create some kind of lore for these creatures. Nothing is overdone, and the small space of the lunch box is maximized to its full potential. I also enjoy the fact that it moves, adding a whole new aspect to the fantasy-esque theme.You can see the video below.

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Via: Nemo Gould