Google Builds Itself a Bluetooth Stereo, Doesn’t Share

Google builds a lot of great things, but most of them are not actual electronics. Meet the Google Carry, a new product built by Chord Electronics per Google’s request, for in-house use.

That’s right; you can’t have this. The stereo stands as a totem to Google’s affinity for breaking boundaries with technology and Chord’s famous high-quality engineering and features.

Like Chord’s other products, such as the Chordette Carry, the Google Carry can stream Hi-Fi audio over Bluetooth and has a variety of inputs including a USB port, 40W amp, optical and digital coaxial, and multi-channel preamp. We would rather call it the “Droid Boom Box”.

Sporting Google’s primary colors logo and  its many inputs, the Google Carry is self-described as being capable of streaming music to “phones, PCs, laptops, PDAs, Pads or Pods and compatible with all software and audio sites”. The packaging also notes the ability to work with vinyls, cassettes and CD players. The inputs shown in the photographs definitely make that possible, but with the additive of a Chordette antenna, you can stream to almost all of your bluetooth-less devices.

Google Carry Description
In other words, this tiny stereo is the ultimate music streaming hub. Even if you could purchase this device, it would likely cost the $799, but if you’re an audiophile that might be worth it.

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Via: Electric Pig