Typography Designer Unveils Geeky Fonts

Typography designers are in great demand by web design companies and even mainstream design houses. They can not only make websites appear unique but help in creating a brand identity with the help typographical awesomeness.

David McLeod is an Australian designer based in Sydney, who has just announced a list of his typographical achievements. Many of his fonts are influenced by geek culture and we could not help but to share them with our readers.

There are fonts that are influenced by nautical ropes and there are fonts that are influenced by water bubbles.

Another font in which the featured text reads ‘Life’ seems to be a little morbid. This particular font reminds you of how life is transient and results in fossilization or decay eventually.

Another font that would interest geeks is the one in which letters appear like wooden blocks. This can be a great way to tell the world that you like Tetris or that you are into wooden blocks that are modular and modern at the same time.

Weird fonts like these can help individuals and businesses to carve their own niche and appear unique to readers. It is not clear if David McLeod does commissioned work or not, but one can always try and contact him to inquire such possibilities. He has designed several fonts that are unique and special in their won. It may be a great idea to go ahead and check out each font and take some time to admire them all.

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