Flip It, Serve It (Smack It?): 19 Spatulas Made for Geeks

If you like to cook but are afraid that the girlish kitchen will spoil your image, you might want to geek-inize your cooking gadgets, starting with the most basic one such as a spatula, to match your style. With 19 geekiest spatulas below, nothing can keep you from showing off your cooking skills.

Darth Vader Spatula


Made of nylon and silicone, the anti-scratch Darth Vader spatula is a cool gadget that will bring the Force into your kitchen. The spatula comes with a set of Star Wars cookie cutters and pancake molds to satisfy your craziest Star Wars hunger.

Spatula Pizza Cutter


The pizza cutter combines a spatula and a pair of scissors that make cutting and serving of pizza so simple and efficient. No matter how cool it sounds, its weird appearance makes me feel like testing to see how it works first before paying $20 to bring it home.

Coo.boo Digital Spatula


Source: Philipp Gilgen

Coo.boo is a washable digital cookbook that is cleverly disguised as a spatula to match with the kitchen environment. The cook can choose the degree of support wanted, from simply displaying recipes to full audiovisual cooking lessons. Recipes stored on the computer are automatically synchronized through the wireless docking station on the rack.

Cake Set


Source: Maria Cichy

This beautiful cake set is an innovative concept to help you work with cakes beautifully. The set is composed of a spatula and a knife which can be used separately as two standard gadgets or together to cut and serve cakes at the same time.

Spatula Knife Concept


Source: Derek Siems

The spatula knife concept is so simple yet helpful that will make you question yourself why you didn’t think of it early. Born out of the designer’s frustration of constantly needing to switch between a spatula and a knife while cooking, the spatula knife has two sharpened sides that can work as cutting blades.

4-in-1 Spatula


Source: Estudio Cherny Demarco

Dubbed as Papa, 4-in-1 spatula is a creative concept that combines the functions of 4 kitchen tools: peeler, colander, masher and spatula into one  single gadget.

Standing LED Spatula


Source: Debit72

Don’t let this spatula’s simple design fool you. It’s an amazing kitchen gadget that can handle all kinds of rice without rice sticking to it. It’s lit by a single LED flash light and can stand up totally by itself.

BBQ Spatula With Thermometer


Source: Coolest Gadgets

This BBQ spatula has a built in meat-thermometer so you can easily tell when your meat is done. The thermometer works with a small thermometer probe which can be stick into the meat and an LCD that displays the temperature.

Chocolate Spatula Thermometer


Source: Blisstree

Here comes another hi-tech gadget that will help you cook smart. The handy chocolate spatula thermometer does not only only serve as a normal chocolate spatula but also comes with a chocolate-specific temperature guide.

Click n Cook Modular Spatula Block


Click n Cook Modular Spatula features a great space-saving storage block, a convenient ergonomic handle, and five different detachable spatula heads: classic flat spatula, long flexible slotted spatula, extra-wide slotted spatula, flexible mixer and slotted spoon.

BBQ Sword Spatula


Source: Neatorama

“Cooking is an art and the cook is an artist” is so last year. With humans’ tendency to become lazier and lazier everyday, cooking is a fight and the cook is a warrior. The BBQ Sword Spatula from is a much needed weapon to handle BBQ parties both indoor and outdoor.

Mondrian Spatula


Source: Karen Williams

Inspired by the artwork of Mondrian, this glamorous spatula was designed by Karen Williams with mature, independent socialites in mind.

Flipper Guitar Spatula


Source: GadgetHer

A stylish flipper guitar spatula is exactly what you need to rock your kitchen. Shaped like a guitar, the spatula has been intelligently designed to work as a very efficient spatula with ample space to flip over just about anything.

Hermann Spatula


Source: Nerd Approved

With an ever smiling face, the Hermann spatula will add great fun to your cooking. When you are done with him, hang him up the suction cup holder and he will patiently waits with a tongue jokingly sticks through his mouth. The spatula teams up with  “Oliver” the cooking spoon and “Donna” the ladle to make a great culinary set.

Fish Spatula


Source: Coastal Living

The silicone spatula is called a fish spatula for two reasons: its design gives an awesomely cute fish cutout on pancakes you bake, and its rectangular shape makes it easier than ever to flip fish.

Rocket Flexible Spatula


Source: Babygadget

The Rocket Flexible Spatula is a great way to get your kids, and even yourself, more interested in cooking. Its overly sweet design will turn baking and cookery into child’s play.

Eggcellent Spatula


Source: This next

In the shape of a perfect omelet, this Eggcellent spatula will definitely make your breakfast preparation a lot more fun and silly.

Fruit Spatulas


Source: The Kitchn

Fruits do not only help you eat healthier but also make you cook beter when they come under the form of spatulas. Introduced by Le Creuset, the fruit spatulas; rounded shape is a nice complement to the longer, narrower spatulas we already have.

Peppermint Flexible Spatula


Source: This next

Cooking is never that sweet with a Peppermint Flexible Spatula that comes in the shape of a colorful candy cane. The spatula is perfect for outdoor cooking with the presence of kids.