Megaman Mega Mosaic

When the Robot Masters finally decide to rid the world of the human plague – their words, not mine – Neogaf user Jarosh will be prepared. Painstakingly compiling some 1,500 screenshots from the NES-era Megaman titles (games 1 – 6), including a sequence of shots that expose each and every robot master’s achilles’ heel, the images magically combined to form the titular “Blue Bomber” himself.

Megaman Mosaic

The completed mosaic, standing some 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide, was printed on canvas and mounted on a wood frame – talk about not cutting corners! With the maker’s endgame goal for the project being to have every pixel of the original Megaman sprite represented by a screenshot, with the remainder of the shots filling out the area surrounding the character, I’d say this is one fan who’s successfully shown his devotion to a franchise through what must have been a frustrating test of patience. While Jarosh concedes, needlessly if you ask me, that “what you see here is actually a composite of several different mosaics and there’s been a lot of manual editing,” what he’s created is one of the truest forms of genuine appreciation that a fan of this medium can muster: art.

Megaman Mosaic

Next to getting a realistic portrait of Dr. Light tattooed on his bicep, shamelessly naming his daughter Roll (ultimately dooming her to a life of servitude), or teaching his dog Rush how to transform into a jet-powered sled; choosing to immortalize Megaman in his iconic “jumping-with-mouth-ajar” action pose ala screenshot mosaic is the best way to retain one’s “super fan” club card. It’s also the only option from the ones listed above that might actually make neighbors jealous… instead of brazenly testing them to call social services or the local psych clinic.

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Via: Fork Party