11 Geeky Tea Infusers

Upgrade your tea and your drinking experience with one of these geeky tea bag holders.

Tea Rex Tea Infuser

This Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur tea diffuser by Fred Flare will turn any kid under the weather into a tea lover.

The Shark Teabag

Steep your tea safely with this shark-friendly tea bag by Toxel.

The T-Man Tea Strainer

Not sure how we survived all these years without the T-man tea strainer by Geeky Gadgets.

Candy Cane Tea Infuser

This Candy Cane tea infuser by Fred Flare would be a hit at your holiday party.

The Hanger Teabag

The Hanger Teabag by Yanko Design is perfect for the OCD geek.

 Submarine Teabag

Children would be entertained by the TeaSub by Fred Flare, as they watch it swim in murky waters.0…

Monkey Tea Infuser

The adorable Monkey Tea Infuser by Neatoshop can hang easily from the side of your tea cup.

Leasfs Tea infusers

Fill, insert in hot water, then blow, and watch this tea infuser spin.

Robot Tea Infuser

Don’t be surprised to see this Robot Tea Infuser by Neatoshop lurking around your mug.

Tea Duckie Tea Infuser

The Geek-in-training would be amused by this Tea Duckie tea infuser by Amazon

The Dunkfish Tea Infuser

This colorful Dunkfish by Dunkfish would grab anyone’s attention.