The Magic Behind Video Game Sounds

Making sounds for video games is an art. Sound engineering is just as important as the graphics on today’s video games, which are more than simple 8-bit sights and sounds. But although there’s a lot of high tech technology, mixing and that stuff going on to bring in the final product, it’s basically seems to be just a bunch of guys having fun.

At Wabi Sabi Studios, they make it look like fun, even if it really isn’t. The overall message they want pass on to you kids – If you’ve got a talent, obscure and unimportant as it may seem, just go out and follow your dream and that talent. For example, making weird noises that no one seems to like. Who knows, you may be the person dubbing the voices and sounds monsters make in the next big video game.

The motto is simple – If you can’t find the creature, be the creature.

You’re not going to find something in real life immitate some huge alien fu^%$&. Use screeching metals and sounds you pick up at factories all you want, play the violin. Somethings have to be taken from inside of you, instead of finding them in your surroundings.

So how? Just get into the groove. Think of the most horrible sound you can make, worst than the most annoying sound in the world, and let your lungs rip. Don’t really worry about what comes out. They have mixers and fancy computer programs to make it actually usable. Oh, and if you actually have a talent of imitating sound, that might come in handy as well.