Learn The Geography of Hyrule Using This Wall Hanging

If you grew up with an original Nintendo console in your home, chances are you have battled as Link in The Legend of Zelda. Now you can remember your journey through this two dimensional, 8-bit kingdom with this awesome tapestry.

The Legend of Zelda had to be one of my favorite NES games growing up. Traveling around the kingdom of Hyrule to rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon, you have to solve a number of puzzles and beat out the bad guys to gain increased ability and weapons. And while today’s generation of kids does not know what the Triforce is, you are very privy to all that information.

Now you too can celebrate hyrule and map out your journey through this two dimensional, 8-bit fantasy land with an eight feet wide by three feet tall tapestry. Created by Etsy user Packamia, this tapestry contains all the temples and towns visited during Link’s quest. It is made from very durable fabric and sells for $40.00 on Packmania’s Etsy website. It is one of the only full videogame tapestries out there and maybe it will inspire future creations as well, including tapestries of Dragon Warrior and Mario Land. It makes the perfect gift for geeks who love old-school video games!

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