Ghostbusters Lego Ghost Trap Replica

Just when you thought you can’t get enough of cool “Lego-fied” collectibles, here is yet another awesome tribute to the Ghostbusters. This Lego version of the iconic Ghost Trap is more than just a pile of bricks. As the creator, Randy Sabourin states, this is actually a “functional” Ghost Trap replica.

Lego Ghost Trap
All right, functional does not necessarily mean it can trap ectoplasmic entities in a swirl of proton beams. This Lego Ghost Trap, however, has flashing lights on both ends, and its trap doors can open and close! Randy Sabourin used a Power Functions battery box to remotely control the trap door mechanisms, and a LifeLites kit for the indicator lights.

Lego Ghost Trap 1

Lego Ghost Trap 2

Lego Ghost Trap 3

The demo video on Flickr shows how the Ghost Trap opens in a snap, revealing two flashing white LEDs inside. Close the trap doors, and the orange PKE Flashing Monitor glows. Even the small red bulb on the handle’s side, known as the Emergency Alarm Flasher, blinks to indicate that a ghost has been “trapped” inside.

Lego Ghost Trap 4

Lego Ghost Trap 5

Besides looking at the functional aspects of the Ghost Trap, notice some other key details like the vector plates on the side. These are built from gray 1×2 radiator grilles, with the bronze Ghost Trap resistor protruding from the side of the trap. On the opposite side is the Psychokinetic Energy (PKE) condenser knob, with yellow steel reinforcement plates, represented by two rows of yellow tiles.

As viewed from the top, the distinguishable black and yellow stripes on the trap doors were built from angular Lego plates. At the rear of the trap, where the handle is located, one can find the power connector side, covered up with red and black Lego flat tiles. In other trap replicas, this area is supposedly where the power cable and Ghost Trap foot pedal will be attached.

Other Lego creations in honor of the Ghostbusters include this Lego scene with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, as well as a different version of the Lego Ghost Trap.