Cool Ghost Trap Replica Made from Legos

Since 1984, the Ghostbusters have gone from movie icons, to cartoon classics, to modern-day geek collectibles. And what Ghostbusters fan wouldn’t want to have this brilliant marriage of Lego and ectoplasmic coolness? This Ghost Trap replica is made entirely out of Legos, and is the brainchild of GB fan and Lego fanatic Alex Eylar.

Lego Ghost Trap

This brick built Ghost Trap measures approximately 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. The specs are almost similar to Ghost Traps custom built by fans from other materials. However, this Lego replica does not have the two-foot long power cable and foot pedal that activates the Ghost Trap.

Nonetheless, upon close inspection, one will marvel at the details that the creator tried to duplicate from original Ghost Trap models. Check out the side of the trap, where the vector plate is built from several 1×2 Lego profile bricks to resemble the grilles. This part houses the Ghost Trap resistor, which originally is metallic gold, but is shown here in red.

The knob on the side of the trap is the Psychokinetic Energy (PKE) condensor, and above the replica are the signature trap doors with their black and yellow stripes. There was no indication from the designer whether or not these actually open up, or if the Ghost Trap can actually trap ghosts. But still, this Lego trap is a cool piece to add to any GB collection.

Even after 25 years, fans of the Ghostbusters still get a thrill out of creating replicas and movie memorabilia. If you check online, you are sure to find GB forums and sites dedicated to building Ghost Traps, Proton Packs, and even PKE meters with lights and sounds.

To get an even bigger picture of the Ghostbusters’ mark on the geek society, check out another Ghostbusters-inspired Lego model. Even better, here is an awesome wedding cake with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man getting blasted with mini-proton packs.

What will Alex Eylar build next? Perhaps all this Lego Ghost Trap needs is a Lego Ecto Containment Unit to accommodate its catch.