Kurt Perschke’s Giant Inflatable Red Ball Bounces Around the UK

If you were walking around the UK and happened upon a huge red inflatable ball, do not worry, it was all part of a huge art project.

Art comes in all different shapes and sizes, and a lot of time artists incorporate their art into the background of real life, including three dimensional designs along the ground and on building walls, or even thought-provoking sayings spray painted in different locations. Many artists use the “canvas” that is reality for their art.

Kurt Perschke, an artist from New York, is no exception to this. In fact, he took his popular RedBall project and transplanted it ‘across the pond’ and into the United Kingdom. Perschke placed his humungous inflatable red ball in twenty different locations throughout the country for his RedBall UK project, including the Golden Jubilee Bridge in London and St. Catherine’s Almshouse in Exeter.

The pictures of the red ball can be seen throughout many popular photo-sharing websites, including Instagram and Flickr as people continue to stumble upon them and post them online for others to see. It is interesting to see the varying stages of “set up” before the ball is completely inflated. And it is even more fun to watch people’s faces as they just walk by this huge red ball and do a double take!

(Video From: RedBall UK’s official website)

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