Amazing 250,000 Coin Street Mural Art

“Obesessions make my Life worse and my Work better” is the message one artist decided to convey using 250, 000 coins in this amazing street mural art.

obessions make my life worse

According to our source, the mural was conceived and designed by a certain Stefan Sagmeister. In the past, the well known artist has done pieces over 20 years for celebrities like Lou Reed, as well as big organzations like HBO. He’s even contributed to the Guggenheim museum; no small accomplishment.

This time, however, the project was conceived of in house by the artist and his studio. He wanted to do something creative without being set any boundaries. Deciding to settle on something close to home that he, as an artist, and many others struggled with, he decided to go with the theme of obsession.

The phrase “obsessions make my Life worse but my Work better” is quite telling, considering the process the artist and his team went through in order to create the mural.

obsessions coin art sidewalk

The layout and actual placing of the coins took the better part of six days to complete. That’s a lot of meticulous, precise work, not to mention the sheer number of hours that it took. Considering that the entire thing could be destroyed in as little time as a minute, it seems like it could be an easily shattered obsession.

obsessions coin art

If this project was anything, it was to show that one could take any concept, such as coin art, and take it to its extreme. Using around 250, 000 coins to create a mural is no small matter. Not only is it a lot of material to keep track of, but that’s 250, 000 thousand pieces of a puzzle that you have to handle and place.

Watching the video, you can get a better impression of how much work actually goes into a project of this magnitude. With a full time at your side, it still manages to look like a heavy work load.

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