White Walker Mask Reminds People that Winter Is Coming

The King in the North is dead, but that doesn’t change the fact that white walkers are marching down South. This mask is supposed to remind people that they their greatest enemy is not south of the wall, yet.

Supposing that these white walkers were able to somehow pass the wall (which is held together by magic spells), all the king wannabes from Westeros would be in a world of trouble. Back to the White Walker mask in question, though, it should be mentioned that it was designed by Composite Effects, a company that intends to blur the lines between reality and fantasy by making and offering for sale each month a mask from popular movies or games.

In case it looks familiar, I’ll remind you where you’ve seen it before. The mask was modeled after the White Walker that Sam the Slayer killed with a Dragonglass Dagger in Season 3 of Game of Thrones. That particular scene was powerful, to say the least, and made the ones who haven’t read the books look at Sam in a different light.

The White Walker was the Mask of the Month in May. A unique creation that in the meantime was also sold for $1,425. Composite Effects claim that in many cases it is possible to recreate a mask of the month, but the company does not guarantee the availability of the product. If you like it that much, then start saving money, cause the Halloween is not that far away. Of course, another option would be to make a DIY White Walker costume.

The guys from Composite Effects added that “blue eyes and the ability to raise a legion of zombie thralls (are) not included.” Now that’s a bit of a disappointment, but I guess that people will still turn a blind eye on that.

As flexible 3D printing materials have been invented recently, it won’t take long till someone comes up with a White Walker mask design that could be 3D printed. Such masks could also be made with the currently available materials, but the final product would be too stiff and rigid.

I am sure that there are other White Walker masks available, but considering the high level of detail and the high quality of the materials, this might well be worth the money.

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