Glow Ball to Soon Brighten Your Device

Technology never ceases to surprise us. Just when we are ready to settle down with one level of advancement suddenly another one pops-up. It is again time to get accustomed to something new. And this is not only true with devices but also gaming. Do you think new gaming levels do not appeal to grown ups? Well, you might be wrong over here. Each new game that is revealed has definitely attracted adults who then later pass it on to kids.

It is now time to be wooed by a shiny glowing ball that you might soon find rolling around on your Android tablet or smartphone. Glowing and glittering things carry a charm around them and this is exactly what this new project from NVIDIA is all about. The company’s Glow Ball is built to run on the quad-core Kal-El processor and takes a user’s gaming experience to an unseen level.

Recently NVIDIA released one of its very famous tech demos that runs on a Honeycomb Kal-El development platform. It can be said to be a breakthrough in the technological arena that displays dynamic lighting and real-time physics. It makes use of Kal-El’s all four A9 processors.

Taking a quick look at the Glow Ball demo will reveal a carnival set-up with a clown in the centre. The glowing ball rolls along the floor and its movements are guided by the movement of the device. Turn your device right and the ball goes right, turn it left and it will go left. So on and so forth. The light source of the entire set up is dynamic and can be changed as per user preferences. What do you mean by dynamic lighting here? If you change the light of the ball from pink to blue, or yellow, or orange you can notice the entire set up being affected. Not only can you change the light source but also alter its intensity.

You must have also noticed that there are drapes all around the arena. These drapes flow with the movement of the device. And the best part of it is that all these movements are simulated in real time. There is nothing like animation in these movements. Even a slight movement like a clash of the ball with the drape is simulated in real time and the effects are as you would notice in any such given situation. Every movement is smooth as silk and this is going to be smoother in the actual launch, at least by 25 to 30 percent more than what is revealed now.

Gaming always has new surprises to be revealed and every time there is something new on the block it attracts a lot of attention. And if it promises to be as cool as the Glow Ball there is no doubt about its great appeal. It will soon be available in the Android market from where every user can easily download it. So happy gaming!

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