Google Calendar Brings Appointment Slots

Google is just one of those companies that is constantly looking to tweak their products just enough so that they are always at the top of the line

There is very little doubt that despite the fact that that company could probably rest on their laurels at least a little bit and just the customers come to them.  The company shows its true dedication to improving and moving forwards when it dedicates itself to changing even the smaller aspects of its products.  Whether you are talking about Google News becoming even easier to access on smartphones or whether it is merely a small revamping of how the Google Chat is carried out Google does not rest on its laurels.

Now Google is updating their calendar app in order to make it more friendly to the business users among their customers.  Google has added appointment slots to their calendar making it possible for users who want to get their full “money’s worth” using the apps for everything from personal appointments to business appointments.  The new appointment slots will allow one user to set up a particular meeting at a particular day and time and invite other users to the meeting.  Those other users will then get access to that particular appointment slot alone and be able to mark it in their own calendars as well as respond as to whether they are planning on being in the meeting at all.

Of course, that isn’t really news on most calendar apps, but what is, is that you can actually plan a meeting by setting up a block of time that you are available for a meeting and the people who wish to meeting with you can reserve a particular block of time that you have said you are available.  This kind of application is rather new for calendar apps to be sporting and will almost certainly be something that other calendar app companies take a long hard look at.  The ability to tell people when you are available will be more than something that eases your life.  Knowing exactly when you are available for others will make it easier for them as well.