Xsens’ MVN System Uses Lycra Suits to Track Movements

If you thought Kinect and other motion tracking devices made video gaming really cool, you should read about how things are changing in the world of real movie making, thanks to Xsens’ MVN system.

Xsens’ MVN system, which was recently announced is a lycra suit that comes with 17 light weight kinetic tracking devices. These light weight kinetic tracking devices communicate wirelessly with computers and record every minute twist and turn of your body, and also that of your muscle movements. What results is a truly realistic video image of a person’s incredible movements, like ‘falling out of a plane’ even.

The coolest thing about the technology is that action stunt guys in the movies would no longer have to tie themselves with tethers that record their movements. It would all be done seamlessly. The implications Xsens’ MVN system does not end there. It could be used to bring virtual characters to life in video games and animated movies.

You could also take a look at this video here which shows how Xsens’ MVN system records a person’s figure skating.

MVN would be able to record everything in the 3D space thanks to the 17 devices and the computer, and in fact with superior programming techniques, robots could be ‘taught’ how to move in a certain manner. Another implication of the Xsens’ MVN system is that it would be able to sense who a terrorist could be, just by judging their gait or walking style on security cameras.

Of course, this would involve other associated research in the future along with Xsens’ MVN system. Apart from using wireless 3D tracking modules to record human movements real time, and using the same technology and some programming to ‘teach’ robots to move in a certain manner, this technology has many implications in video gaming, movie making and even security.

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