Kinect Installation Imitates Your Movement in Public

Microsoft’s Kinect seems to have created a revolution of sorts as we have begun to hear many creative manners in which it is being used.

The latest comes from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, where interaction experts at Aircord put together an installation that took the city by surprise. The installation creates a 30 foot tall elephant that does everything that you do, and moves the way you do, and dances the way you do.

The funny thing is, you could be walking on the road, and when you scratch your itchy scalp thinking no one is noticing, the elephant in front of you could do just that, and let everyone on the street see what you did! The guys have managed to make the installation as colourful and wild as possible, and the elephant is surrounded by rainbows and 10′ balls as well. The installation has been put up at the BNI Building in Downtown Jakarta.

The interaction experts at Aircord used 6 big projectors, 3 Microsoft Kinects on 3 PCs , OpenNI for interaction and some really creative thoughts to put this installation together. They also created a special 16 point correction program in order to make sure that the installation works the way it should. Predictably, it created a lot of ruckus in front of the BNI Building, and as you can see in the video below, passersby tried every movement that they could think of, and the elephant faithfully replicated them.

I wonder, what could be the next offering from the Kinect revolution, which has almost caught the world by surprise! You could also take a look at the Kinect Air Guitar, which would make you play the instrument by strumming in the air. The Virtual Piano uses Kinect technology as well. If you can think of something creative, you could possibly use Kinect and show it to the world too!