Android-based Nexus S Is the First NASA Certified Commercial Smartphone

Just when you thought Google was losing its appeal with its Google Plus network, here comes another biggie that might add a feather to the company’s colourful hat.

NASA revealed that they prefer working with Android on their Space Stations and that Nexus S is being used by NASA to run its SPHERE satellites. SPHERE satellites are free-floating devices that were in fact inspired by Star Wars, according to NASA. They have been placed on the International Space Station right from 2006, which dates back to pre-Android days. Android is being used on a special expansion port which would allow NASA to utilize the highly customizable Android OS to add additional sensors and features. Nexus S devices are being touted by NASA as the first commercial Smartphones to be certified to fly on the space shuttle.

Nexus S’ CPU would be used to power SPHERE’s ‘brains’ and the robots would be able to monitor and sense more external data that can be controlled and observed remotely from Earth, thanks to its Wi-Fi connection. NASA made no attempts to hide their happiness with Google and Android OS, which definitely gives Google the boost that it required in the last few weeks. Most people have begun to complain that Google Plus pages are almost empty without any updates, though it is filled with people.

Such criticisms may no more affect the bigwigs at Google, who would now be patting their own backs after NASA declared Android OS to be their preferred mobile operating system. One shouldn’t be surprised if Google makes an attempt to try and do something with space research as well. This news would surely have ruffled feathers of Apple and other competitors who have been fighting Google’s juggernaut that has been throwing its weight around in Internet, mobile and even home device technologies.