Google Chromecast HDMI Dongle Makes TV Sets Smarter

Ever wanted to have content playing on your smartphone displayed wirelessly on your telly? The new Google TV dongle named Chromecast can do that, besides streaming all sorts of things.

This two-inch gadget could not have been more confusing! For such a small size, Google Chromecast packs a lot of functionality, not to mention that its learning curve is incredible. Basically, the dongle pairs to mobile devices and to wireless networks in order to stream music and videos from the web.

Installing Google Chromecast is a breeze. All that people have to do is connect it to their TV sets via the HDMI port. I will go ahead and claim that the Chinese companies that have been making such dongles in the past year or so inspired Google to create its own version.

It might have seemed logical for such a device to be running Android, since it’s made by Google. Instead, it is based on a custom version of Chrome OS, hence the name of the device. The source of the streamed content can be Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and the Chrome browser.

To stream content from the web, users will have to connect the device to their Wi-Fi network, but that shouldn’t be a problem. After that, they can proceed to watching the content that they like at a much larger scale than on the mobile devices.

Speaking about mobile devices, Google Chromecast works not only with Android smartphones and tablets, as many might have expected. This HDMI dongle pairs equally well with iPhones, iPads and even Macs running the Chrome browser. There will be no remote controls necessary, as everything will be controlled from the mobile devices, presumably via specialized apps.

Check out the following ad to see just how much fun people can have when using Google Chromecast. The Greek sirtaki music (the same song used in the Zorba the Greek movie) certainly is a nice touch.

Google Chromecast is on sale now on the Play Store for $35. After ordering, people have to wait one or two business days before receiving their device. Ordering now will get people 3 months of Netflix subscription for free. If that doesn’t make this the deal of the year, I don’t know what does.

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