A Purrfect Place – Super Mario Cat Complex

Sorry Mario, but this is one pipe portal only four-legged friends can gain access to.

Super Mario cat complex image 1

Cats sure do have the life, don’t they? You get to spend all day sleeping; all your food comes from a can; everyone gives you nice ear scratches – whoa, heh, that sounds like my typical day already! Well, minus the ear scratches of course (oh, but one can dream though!).

Now feline friends have another delightful perk with this Super Mario-themed cat complex from CatastrophiCreations – haha, I see what you did there. And I also see a pretty cute play space for precocious kittens that features a bunch of cool trappings.

Super Mario cat complex image 3

The cat complex has two pipe portals – as you can clearly see attached to the top and bottom portion of this hangable structure – which allows for quick access to the hidden tunnel that leads between the two. Each pipe is even lined with sisal, which cats love to climb.

Unfortunately, don’t expect your kitties to punch out any gold coins – I seriously doubt they’d be charging just $190 USD if that were the case – but at least they’ll have a nice comfy hideaway with a see-thru screen embedded in the question block.

Super Mario cat complex image 2

And what happy timing for this uniquely designed cat complex, too! The next major power-up for Super Mario 3D World is a cat suit, so why not get on the scratching post and inquire about this awesome playground for your favorite cat pal today!

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