Google Glass to be Released in 2014

An alternate reality within reality is what Google Glass is trying to pioneer, and it might be here sooner than we think, with a proposed 2014 release date.

Google Glass image

In 2013, there are a myriad of gadgets specifically designed to improve our lives. We have phones so smart that they know more about our days than we do, movie and TV viewing services tailored to our every media tastes and music libraries that can tell us our new favourite band before we’ve even had a chance to listen to them. If this is the future then it’s a pretty awesome one. Set to ramp the future up another notch, by placing an alternative reality in our reality, is Google Glass, which is prepared to make our whole, entire lives an interactive experience.

Currently, not everything is known about Google Glass’ capabilities as although the search giant recently sent out 2000 pairs of Google Glass glasses to both developers and celebrities, the rest of us would have had to fork out a hefty sum of money to get our hands on one as part of the Google Glass Explorers program. However, what we do have are several official Google Glass videos which give us  a rough idea of what we can expect from Google’s futuristic eyewear.

That video is what was used to introduce the tech (then called Project Glass). What we can gather is that it will somehow incorporate all of the things that you can currently get from Google. For example, there is clearly a large emphasis on sharing and whether Google Glass users are sharing via Google Hangouts or sharing images or videos via Google+ or some other social media site, it’s a valid guess that Google will try and push to have Google Glass offer the very best sharing capabilities in any piece of software on the market, especially as they have to prove why consumers should buy Google Glass over, say, a new iPhone.

The other thing we know are the technological specs of the device which are as follows : 640 x 360 display, a 5 megapixel camera (able to capture 720p videos.)Wifi – 802.11b/g, Bluetooth and the ability to understand voice commands.

All of the technology sounds beyond promising and revolutionary is probably a good way to describe it, but when will it be released fully to the public? Executive Chairman at Google, Eric Schmidt has said that Google Glass will likely be available in 2014. Speaking to BBC Radio, Schmidt said Google Glass is “probably a year-ish away”.

With all of that futuristic tech that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi blockbuster, it seems that the future is indeed, upon us.

Source : Silicon Valley Business Journal

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