Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Revealed by Microsoft on May 21

The wheels of the video game console world will once again be set into motion on May 21, when Microsoft will launch the new Xbox.

A month ago, I wrote about the leaked Durango files that were a proof of a new controller for the next generation of Microsoft video game consoles. Those same files also included details about a BluRay disc player incorporated in the console. At that time, the release date of the Xbox 720 (since everyone and his brother think that this is how the console is going to be called) was supposed to be sometimes in April. A couple of weeks later, my colleague Jasmine Henry wrote a post about why the launch date was pushed back to May. Links to both of the aforementioned articles are found at the end of this post. At that point, May 21 seemed more of a speculation, but now Microsoft has sent out invitations for that date, thus setting it in stone.

The invitations reveal not only the certain date, but also the nature of the event. A New Generation Revealed – four words under the Xbox logo, along with the time and place where everything is going to happen – that’s all it takes to increase the blood pressure of gamers all over the world. The PR team that organizes this event has my entire admiration, mostly because of how clear and simple they made this. The world is expected to participate either in person or online at the company’s event, which will take place at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington on May 21, at 10 AM.

The event was also announced on a dedicated Facebook page, thus hinting at the fact that Microsoft plans to stream the event online, so that journalists and gamers from across the globe can learn the finest details in real time.

Hopefully, Microsoft won’t follow Sony’s trend of announcing a PS4 event only to reveal a controller. Indeed, Sony has said that it would only launch its new generation of consoles after Microsoft does so. From this point of view, Sony’s event was more of a teaser, as the console could be modified as necessary after the new Xbox hits the market. New titles are expected, along with details regarding the specs of the next-gen console.

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