G-Pad Gamepad Gives iPhone GameBoy Advance Controls

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into the perfect gaming device.

G-Pad image

The iPhone is wonderful piece of mobile tech. All in except one area if you love portable gaming – not that you can’t enjoy some games on it, don’t be daft. It’s just sometimes you want the precise feel of physical controls, and that’s where the G-Pad steps in.

AJ Design Studio has come up with this handy looking rubber sleeve that fits snuggly over the 5th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s, which has traditional handheld controls that pair nicely with any Game Boy Advance emulator released (officially or not) on the Apple App Store. So long as the virtual buttons line-up, the G-Pad should work. The G-Pad is also lightweight and easy to carry around whenever you need your gaming fix.

G-Pad image 2

Right now the G-Pad is up for funding at Indiegogo, with many backer perks like your choice of three G-Pad colors, from Green, Black, and Gray. Although, if enough people back the G-Pad then the selection will expand to more awesome colors, including a two-tone set that looks mighty groovy. The goal for the G-Pad is at $16,000, but with around 50 days still left, hopefully the project will be fully funded by the time it ends.

Check out the G-Pad in action below. It’s only a prototype, but it’s a clear demo of what funders can expect if the G-Pad gets funding and when it releases to the masses.

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