Google Glass Banned From Bar For Fear Of Secret Recordings

Google Glass is one of the most exciting things to happen in the gadget world ever, and everyone seems to love it. Or that’s what it seemed up until now.

Google glass

The CBS from San Francisco has reported that a local bar in the South of Market neighborhood has banned patrons from wearing Google Glass. The reason behind this ban? Well, they don’t want any secret recordings happening in their fine establishment. People in the area will spot a sign with a picture of the gadget and a red circle and a slash over it meaning forbidden. As they explain, customers “have expressed concerns with being recorded while enjoying themselves.”

These events follow a case where a social media consultant was reportedly attacked at Molotov’s for wearing Glass. Apparently, Molotov’s has also put up a sign banning the use of any recording devices at all (does this mean patrons can not use smartphones at all?). When the line between what is private and what’s not starts to become faint thanks to the technology, that’s a definitive sign that the times are changing.

Source: LA Times

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