The Dark Side of Google [Infographic]

Our beloved Internet giant, Google, has brought us endless features to make our lives easier and more efficient. It can even be said that Google is more influential and powerful than most world governing bodies.

That is perhaps why we should also take a deeper look into this web monarch. The following infographic from Search Engine Journal takes a look at Google from “the Dark Side.” From class action and civil lawsuits and also not a lack of government prosecutions, the lawyers on staff at Google are always kept busy. This takes a look at the entities willing to actually take on the Internet giant.

Those who have sued Google include Paypal (perhaps this is why Google created its own Checkout payment system?), Daum, Microsoft, Skyhook Wireless, Oracle, Agence France Presse and Geico.

Some of the more odd lawsuits include a Japanese woman that sued Google for showing her lingerie on Google Street View. A shooting victim sued Google over search results on his name since he claimed it showed him as a criminal instead. A women in California sued Google because she was following Google Maps’ directions on her cellphone and got distracted, thereby getting into an accident. (Really, those are a bit ridiculous.)

Google’s also been accused of click-fraud, forgery (from Google Books) and using copyrighted images (again, Google Books).

Additionally, Google Streetview has taken heat from many countries in the European Union, India, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and more. If they allow Google Street View, they insist on lowering the height of the cameras and blurring faces, amongst other things. (Guess they don’t want to use technology to catch their criminals.)


But of course, this is what happens when you make it big. The amount of praise is significant, but the amount of discontent is heard at a louder volume.

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