18 Official and Unofficial Google Branded Bi-Products

Google needs no introduction, and if you still do not use Google Search Engine, there is something obviously missing in your life! While Google established itself as an Internet Search Engine, they have come a long way by offering products and services that range from advertising, Google Android, Nexus One, Google Buzz, various Online apps, and the list just goes on.

Predictably, there are several million Google users, and amongst them are those who take Google a little more seriously than the average Internet user. These Google fanboys and fangirls prefer everything in their life to come with the Google stamp. For instance, I once encountered a geek who asked me if Google would ever think of brewing beer!

While a Google Beer may actually not be a farfetched idea, considering the way the company is diversifying, there are several products, art and designs Online which are dedicated to and inspired by Google. In fact, some of them are truly impressive! Here is a list of 18 Official and Unofficial Google Branded Bi-products that are a must-have for anyone who loves Google way too much.

Cool Google Fridges

google egg fridge

While Google always encourage cool thinking, the various Google Fridges take this concept to a physical area. The two fridges are fun to look at without having to be a Google fan and both present the same motto: “Cooler Thinking”.

google egg fridges

Besides having the Google touch, the Google Egg Fridge would be fun in any apartment, for it is simply a fit in the Internet age.

google fridge

The smaller yet official Google fridge was given away by Google for a contest some time back, and I am sure the winner would never let it go.

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Google Rubik Cube

Google certainly is one big puzzle, for not just the users, developers and customers, but also to the company itself! As an allusion to the Google Puzzle, here is a cool and chic Google Rubik’s Cube. While one can’t really say what the puzzling nature of Google is all about, one could say that there are several things that are still mysterious about the company. As long as we get to browse and use Internet efficiently, the puzzle hardly matters!

Google Computer Accessories

While Google started out as an Internet company, they are now becoming a tough competitor for Microsoft. As an ode to this stiff competition, several fan-based Google computer products can be found.

The Google Keyboard or the Gboard looks good, and is a great tool for Google lovers. It might even win some design competition for it looks so chic and cool.

Google is also known as one of the most nature friendly companies in the world. With that in mind, you might want to check out the Google Wireless Mouse, which can be recycled.

Google Milk

I once read that Google have several goats hired to trim their lawn, and when I chanced upon the Google Milk Beta Design, I wondered if the goats had to do anything with this one!

Google Monopoly

While the Monopoly game is as old as god-knows-when, Google Monopoly City Streets is a new trend. The company has dominated Internet world and may soon dominate computer peripherals as well! As a tongue-in-cheek reply to that, here is the Google Monopoly Game.

Image Source: 1

Google Toys

google android robot mascot doll

In order to show the world how friendly and cute Google really is, some guys have created soft toys with the Google name written on them. The Google Android Robot Mascot, the Android Doll and the Google Fish are a few of them.

Image Sources: 1, 2

Google Toiletries

Google fans are human too, and they need to clean themselves often! With that in mind, you could choose to get yourself a Google inspired Gmail Soap, or wash your hair with Google Shampoo!

If that isn’t enough, use the Google Sanitary Napkins to wipe yourself. After the cleansing ritual, you might start smelling of Google too!

Image Sources: 1, 2

Google Eau-de-Toilette

After browsing for a long time and digging Google for interesting links, checking your email, and of course blogging on Blogger, you might start to sweat and stink a bit. That is when you need to take a bath and apply generously Google Eau-de-Toilette, before stepping out!

Image Source: 1

Google Shoes

If you are really into Google, you may like these stylish shoes which are inspired by the Internet giant. The shoes look colorful and fun, much like the company itself.

Image Sources: 1, 2

Google Chocolate

After tiring yourself, playing with all the Google Toys and washing your hair with Google Shampoo, you could start to munch on Google Chocolate, to help you energize yourself.

Image Source: 1

Google Shorts

These Google Shorts look soiled, and may need a wash before use. Oh well, you could always try and hunt for Google Detergent to wash it!

Image Source: 1

Of course, there could be several other Google related products that are not only cool, but quite stylish. It would be interesting to see how far Google fanboys and fangirls would go to make the world more Google-friendly.

While it is definitely heartening to see such enthusiasm among the Google fans, it is also quite intriguing to notice how dependent we all have become on Google services and products. Perhaps we shall also see Google Mods for cars and bikes, which could turn out to be super cool too. One shall have to wait and watch to see how far Google and their services & products are going to influence our lives.