Best Cases for LG’s Google Nexus 4

The Nexus smartphone is known as Google’s flagship device. Recently Google launched its fourth device manufactured by LG, unlike the previous versions which were  manufactured  HTC and Samsung. The Nexus 4 immediately became a hit and missing on the shelves since its release because of the excellent ratio of cost-performance.

In terms of specifications, the device is equipped with processor 1.5 GHz quad-core, 4.7-inch screen and a rear camera of 8 mega pixels. With this impressive specs it’s no wonder that the Nexus 4 is giving a fair fight to its competitor, the  Galaxy S3. There’s no doubt that the Nexus 4 is indeed an impressive device, it is delivering fast performances  it has a great and quality camera and the unlocked Nexus comes with  Google’s latest android version.

If you are planing to buy Google’s Nexus 4 or bought one already, you must have already noticed that lots of reviews are claiming that the back of the phone is extremely fragile and should be protected. I personally don’t see this as so horrifying as most people make it out to be since most of us do buy a case for our phones. For me, it’s just an excuse to buy several cases so I can mix and switch them up :). Here are 4 great cases for the Nexus 4 that not only protect your new and shiny phone, but they will also add some chic and color to it.

The Square One by Mercury Slim Fit Flexible TPU Case

This case by Mercury, gets great reviews about its slick look and the wide selection of colors to choose from. The case is designed to fit perfectly to your Nexus 4 and allows convenient access to all functions, ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and mics. Since this case is a TPU one, you know you are getting a durable, tear resistant and lightweight case. Mercury is offering a great protection from impact case without being a bulky case. The case comes in black, blue, green, pink and many more cool colors ( See image below)and is available on Amazon between  $5.38-$8.37.

Nexus 4 Case

Nexus 4 Bumper (Black)

This is the official Nexus 4 case, the only problem is that temporarily the case is out of stock in Google’s play store. What sets this case a part from its competitions is that it’s a bumper case, so it has its cons and pros. The bumper does add very little weight to your phone and it keeps the slick look of the Nexus without adding it bulkiness, but due to the bumper structure dust and dirt tend to gather around the edges. This lightweight bumper case will cost you $19.99 but as we’ve mentioned above currently its out of stock. 

Nexus 4 Bumper Case

Ionic GUARDIAN Armor Case for LG Google Nexus 4

According to the manuficterthis armor case is offering a full protection for your Nexus 4 while giving you a better grip for the device. The case is available in 4 different colors, black , purple , white and blue and retails for $7.85.

Case for LG Google Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4 Ringke Fusion

This is also a TPU case which means its firm yet flexible, it offers a slim design and full access to all of the Nexus 4 buttons without harming the functionality.  The case is designed so its back is completely transparent to show off your device. This Fusion case comes in an eco package and available for $24.99 on RearthUSA online store and on Amazon for a limited time offer for $13.99.

Nexus 4 Cases

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