Capture Photos and Videos Easily With The MirrorCase

For a long time smartphones are not just phones, they are much more than just a meaning of making calls or sending text messages. When it comes to iPhones, we have so much useful functions we can do with it other than just making calls, with the wide selection of apps we can pretty much do anything we like, not to mention that having internet on this little device just makes our lives much more easy and fun!

Another great thing about smartphones, especially when it comes to the iPhone market is that there are so many cool cases and accessories you can choose from that will do much more than just to hold your phone or protect it. The MirrorCase is one of those accessories that has a multifunction value to your iPhone besides protecting it.

mirrorcase copy

So what exactly does this MirrorCase do? The answer is simple, it helps you take photos and videos in a new way, using the MirrorCase you can capture moments like never before and be part of the picture instead of being stuck behind your iPhone. MirrorCase basically offers a simple yet clever solution for taking pictures or videos using your iPhone.

mirrorcase 1


The MirrorCase is also a high quality case which holds your device and basically offers you 2-in-1 case. The case utilizes a high quality mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device, so you can still see the action in front of you while you record. Using the free MirrorCase app you can easily edit the photos. The MirrorCase is available for iPhone 5,iPhone 4/4s and iPad and retails between $49.95- $79.95