Google Nexus 6 with Astonishing Specs to Be Launched in October

Neither Google, nor Nexus 6’s manufacturer has made any official announcements, but this didn’t stop the world from speculating as to what features the smartphone will have.

Even the launch date is a wild guess when it comes to Google’s next Nexus smartphone, but after analyzing the previous schedule of Google, it’s quite easy to predict that it will be launched in October. Google Android chief Sundar Pichai stated at MWC 2014 that the next Nexus will be launched later this year. This statement must have broken the hearts of all those who were hoping for a June or July launch, but all that waiting will pay off eventually, given the specs Nexus 6 is supposed to come.

First of all, people can’t be 100% certain of who is manufacturing the phone before it’s being released, as Google made a habit from using different makers for its products. Still, given LG’s recent history as a close collaborator of Google, it’s easy to understand why most fingers are pointing at this South Korean company.

Nexus 6 is said to leave quad-core CPUs behind, as it’s most likely to include a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 805 or 810. Both these options pack enough computing power to withstand even the most demanding apps out there. The latest Adreno GPU should join the party, along with 4GB of RAM, more than plenty for running a lot of apps at the same time.

As far as the display is concerned, rumor has it that Nexus 6 might sport 2K resolution. Of course, the design should include no bezel on the sides. As far as I’m concerned, I doubt it that smartphones could become any more thinner than they already are, so I don’t that the Nexus 6 will bring anything spectacular in this department.

Google might launch a new version of Android soon, which could make the perfect debut on Nexus 6. If the tech giant will continue its partnership with Nestle, there are great chances the name of the next version will be Lion Bar. Otherwise, Lollipop is as good a name as any.

Whatever innovations Nexus 6 will bring later this year, one thing is certain: the price will be ridiculously low, especially in comparison to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 or Apple iPhone 5C.

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