LEGO Game Of Thrones: Merchandising Is Coming

We’re incredibly excited for Game of Thrones’ fourth season, starting out this Sunday, but the best part about it is definitely the return of the fan-art such as this incredible LEGO set.

Lego Game of Thrones 1

Citizen Brick, the guys behind the incredible Breaking Bad LEGO set are back in action with a new creation themed after HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones. This is created “The Dragon Sword Fighter Force!”, which is the closest one can get to the originals without breaking any copyright laws.

Lego Game of Thrones 2

The figs each come with their respective weapons and clothes, and are priced at $55 for a set of three. If you decided you wanted all of them, though, there will be a very special 13th figurine. you can get. Be sure to check it out to see who that is!

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