Awesome Manga Comics Vegetable Farming Method

In case you thought Manga was good only for the comics and pictures, you are in for a treat, for they have now shown to be useful for Vegetable farming with the thick Manga books as planters.

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We do not have to explain the popularity and huge trend of Manga comics throughout the world, for we see every day different products, action figures and new Manga creations released. An artist based out of Tokyo, Koshi Kawachi, has come with an interesting way to cultivate vegetables such as Radish sprouts using Manga books that can be found everywhere. As described, these vegetables are grown in the following method: Comic Book, Seeds (Radish Sprouts), Water, Sun and Air. Pretty self explanatory.

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Of course, based on the Vegetable Farming books method, you can really use any book you wish, but with it being Manga comics, it becomes a whole lot geekier and thus fun. As an example, you can see when having many Manga books one by another, it simply looks awesome with the different colors of the covers and different Manga characters. Heck, I can see actual Manga fans revisit their favorite characters, stories and personalities and starting a new garden that shows all the different Manga gadgets as planters. Maybe some would even take up the Manga hobby just so they have another reason to plant!

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Now the next step would be to make a huge planter that will be shaped like the huge Manga Robots we occasionally see that uses many Manga books and will grow to one huge vegetable. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but this really makes vegetables cultivating a thing that cool and geeky kids may now be interested in, and you never know what such Manga fans will come up with next. Take as an example the coffee making Manga Robot or the Anime Girls Computer Cases we seen before.

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Awesome job Koshi!

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Via: Pink Tentacle