Google Works on 4,000 Project Tango Tablets for Its I/O Conference

The Project Tango smartphone already was something out of this world, but the Wall Street Journal claims that Google has more of the same in the store for us.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the search giant is working on a cutting-edge tablet that is capable of seeing the world around it. At the moment, it is unknown whether Google intends to use Project Tango to replace the Nexus tablets that are manufactured by other companies, or if it will be sold as a totally different device. Still, the major selling point of the 7-inch Project Tango tablets will be the two back cameras, IR depth sensors and advanced software for 3D image capture.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group revealed a prototype smartphone in February that worked on the same principle of 3D mapping the surroundings of its user using a great number of sensors. One of the applications of this technology could be indoor navigation for the visually-impaired. On top of that, Google claimed that this could make video games more immersive. Not at last, 3D mapping could be used for guiding shoppers through a store by giving them step-by-step instructions.

Bryan Ma, an analyst at research firm IDC, pointed out that Google needs to involve some developers in this project, if it means to take this further: “It is critical to open the new technology to developers first as the key is how you can translate the technology into practical applications.” The Wall Street Journal reports that these tablets will be launched before Google’s I/O developer conference, which will take place at the end of June. Some of the 4,000 tablets will be given to developers, so that apps are built for the devices ahead of the public release.

Rajeev Chand, head of research at Rutberg & Co., an investment bank involved in the wireless and digital-media industries, added that “The technology is ahead of the applications.” Still, with such big names as Facebook and Google focusing on virtual reality and image processing, chances are that progress will be made quicker than usual.

It remains to be seen how Google’s innovative technology will be put to use, but as with all of this company’s projects, I’d say that we’re in for a huge surprise.

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