Google Smartwatch Reportedly in the Works

As rumours about an Apple iWatch and a Microsoft branded smartwatch hit the news, search giant Google are reported to be working on their own smartwatch too.

Google Smartwatch image

In this day and age, we, as technology consumers, are flooded with more gadgets than we can shake a mini-accelerometer at. From Google alone, there are Android phones that are more powerful than full sized computers from the beginning of the decade, with their capacity for apps and touchscreens and hi-def gaming. Then, there are Google TVs that work similar to our phones, allowing for apps to ‘enhance’ our viewing experience and, in the case of Google Glass, even our eyewear is transformed into a practical object that can improve our world via the means of technology. Google are reportedly looking to bring another new gadget to the market, as the search company are said to be working on a Google smartwatch.

The rumours of smartwatches are not a new thing to the media. We recently saw the Samsung Galaxy Gear come to fruition after months of rumours of its development while other pieces of speculation, about the Apple and Microsoft smartwatches have yet to hold much water. However, as The Wall Street Journal reports, this news from a source with “inside knowledge” may be more worthy of its salt. The source, WSJ say, suggests that Google’s smartwatch, which could be called ‘Gem’, is in the last few stages of production and that the gadget is almost ready for mass production.

After mid-October reports also seemed to hint at the Google smartwatch’s existence, we’re expecting it “sooner rather than later” but just what we’re expecting is relatively unknown. What is suggested, however, is that the smartwatch will utilise the Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system, an OS that is also rumoured to launch with the Nexus 5 smartphone which is said to launch soon. Predictably, with all of the Google speculation, some are saying that the Google smartwatch and Nexus 5 will be able to work together, something that’s entirely likely given that Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Galaxy phones include this capability. As for when we’ll see this Google smartwatch on the market, the WSJ sources suggest that we should look to see the product come to market in “a matter of months”.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Digital Trends, The Wall Street Journal

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