Is Microsoft Working on a Google Glass Competitor?

In response to wearable eye goggle gadget, Google Glass, Microsoft reportedly working on their own version to rival the search giant’s eyewear offering.

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As consumers, we are stuck for choice in terms of gadgets. We have more smart phones than you can throw a bucketload of touchscreens at, there are more than a few smart TVs out there to make our silver screens more intelligent and there are several wearable gadgets that will begin to see us resemble connected cybertrons than they will fleshy humans. One of these aforementioned wearable gadgets is Google Glass, the pair of hi-tech Internet connected glasses that replace your bifocals with a camera and an AR display. With Google’s gadget gaining in popularity, Microsoft is preparing to take them on, as they’re reportedly working on wearable gadget glasses of their own.

The news of a Microsoft rival to the throne that Google Glass has practically swooped in and taken with nary so much as a challenger, comes from The Wall Street Journal, who report that murmurings from inside the financial world point to a similar, Microsoft branded device. According to an “anonymous source”, the Redmond, Calif. company have been looking into sourcing cameras amongst other technological components from manufacturers in Asia in order to build the device.

In terms of how far in production Microsoft’s effort is, the source states that they are “testing prototypes for Web-connected eyewear similar to the Google Glass device”. However, despite only being in the prototype stages, Microsoft will likely want to get ahead of the game with this corner of the gadget market as they slightly missed the jump by releasing their Surface tablet as late as they did, in part, aiding the Apple iPad’s market takeover. It has also been suggested that as Microsoft have recently acquired Finnish phone manufacturer, Nokia, that they are in a good place to put their answer to Google Glass together.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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