Google Brings Voice Search To Desktops

Google has announced quite a few changes to their search functions over just the last few days and those changes appear to be ongoing as there was another change announced today.

Of course there was first the ability to know when your bus was going to be late using Google maps, which of course was a lot more important for those who actually use mass transit.  Other changes to Google’s searches both to their desktop and mobile searches have been quite a bit more useful to larger amounts of people.  Being able to search local businesses with mobile search as well as searching by image have made Google’s search that much better.  Now one feature that has been available on mobile search for quite a while will be available on the desktop and laptop and it should make searching that much easier for PC and Mac users.

Being able to search using voice on the PC or Mac could actually change the way people do searching in general.  While voice search will most likely still be used more on the mobile platform, there are certainly uses that will make the voice searches popular enough on the desktops.  Imagine if you have to do a search quickly and you don’t want to have to sit down and type out a long string of words.  You can simply click the microphone next to the search bar and say any amount of words you want in order to search.  This could also help younger people do great searches on words they may not be all that confident in spelling.  This will allow them to do research quicker and will allow them to learn more about words they may not understand.

Using Google search with voice will also allow you to have a little more fun when you are looking for information.  Imagine being able to ask your computer everything and the power of Google returning the exact answer you were looking for.  Google seems to believe that this new feature will be able to change the way people surf the web and as long as you have a microphone hooked up to your computer, they seem to be right.

Check out the video showing search by voice in action.