Google Bringing New Features To Search

Google always seems to know that their users won’t truly be happy until the company has absolutely perfected their search and browser functions. Because of this Google works extra hard to fine tune their products and the latest search functions are no exception.

First there was the improvement to the Google Calendar that actually allowed people who use the service for their businesses to allow people to actually schedule meetings during a set block of time.  Then there was the improvement that was most likely bigger for some than for others that allowed people who are using mass transit.  Google Maps recently incorporated a function that actually let people know when their bus was running behind.  Now Google is tweaking how two of their search functions work with the incorporation of a whole host of functions to their mobile browser and the ability to search for images on their main browser.

The ability to search by image means that should you have some picture of your family standing in front of a monument that you just can’t place, Google will now help you find the location of name of that particular monument.  While this may be pretty cool, what Google has done for their mobile browser is quite a bit cooler.  As a matter of fact, when it comes to the mobile browser, there is more than one cool new feature they have added.

One of the best of the new features is the ability to better search for local businesses instead of having to go through the main chain websites in order to find the Target or Walmart in your area.  Voice search is another great addon that allows you to make it much easier to look for the local coffee shop or gas station without the dangers involved in attempting to type something while you are driving or even walking.  This will also save some time in avoiding fat-fingering the keys on the smaller touchscreens or button on mobile devices.  Google is also bringing quite a few of the other search functions that have made their desktop search so popular for so long and we have brought you the videos showing you exactly how all the new features look and act.