Android Console and Smartwatch Coming Soon from Google

Since Apple reportedly has a smartwatch and a next-gen TV incorporating a video game console, Google decided to take stance and develop some products that would compete directly with Apple’s.

Smartphones and tablets seem to no longer be relevant when it comes to picking a winner between these two tech giants. Well, the market share of Android is definitely bigger than the one of iOS. The fight needed to be taken to a different battlefield. Wearable tech and home entertainment have yet to be fully exploited, and as there is a lot of room for improvements in both of these fields, the companies decided to take on each other this way.

Obviously, many think that Google’s decision to develop an Android video game console reflects the company’s wish to compete against Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U. The way I see it, though, Google’s Android console would have plenty of competition in its own backyard, in the form of OUYA, GameStick and Gamepop.

OUYA was released for the general public at the beginning of this week. The record-breaking Kickstarter campaign is a testament to this console’s popularity, so Google will certainly have something solid to compete against. Could Google ever hope that its Android console would be better than OUYA? Well, definitely! OUYA comes with a video game service, while Google’s console could pack additional functionality such as video and audio streaming via its Google Play services.

On top of that, assuming that the Android console and smartwatch will be members of the Nexus family, they would be the first to get software updates, long before the other companies manage to update their custom versions.

Google is supposedly intending to design and market these two products on its own. Does this mean that the tech giant doesn’t want to cooperate this time with Samsung or ASUS? Well, time will tell. Besides the Android smartwatch and console, Google also means to launch the second version of its Nexus Q streaming device, presumably at a smaller price and with some added features.

While there are a lot of rumors coming from “people familiar with the matter,” a Google spokeswoman declined to offer any details. What do you make of this? Is Google too late in the game? I guess it all depends on when Apple is going to launch its future line of products. The war is definitely not over between these two.

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