Flappy Bird Creator is ‘Considering’ Rereleasing the Game

After the popular mobile game Flappy Bird was taken off of the App Store and Google Play Marketplace, the game’s creator has now said that he may rerelease it.

Flappy Bird

Releasing a mobile title is not all fun and games. The majority of mobile titles don’t account for the millions in revenue that the app market as a whole continues to make, with its creators having to work hard to make them a continued success. For those mobile titles that do prove to be a hit, the hard work continues still as support and fan feedback make up a large part of a developer’s continued work on the game. Dong Nguyen, the Vietnam-based creator of Flappy Bird, a simple tap game that is both bright and colourful yet difficult to ‘master’, knows this well, as backlash to the difficulty of the game from fans as well as suggestions that his game may have stolen some art from Nintendo’s Super Mario games led Nguyen to receive a lot of hate. As a result, he took the game off of both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Marketplace, but now, in a new interview, Nguyen has revealed that he may just rerelease Flappy Bird.

Nguyen’s comments about a possible Flappy Bird rerelease were made during an interview with Rolling Stone, with him saying to the magazine that he is “considering it”, but his rereleased version of Flappy Bird would come with a “”warning [to] take a break!” Other than Nguyen’s comments to the magazine, the likelihood of a Flappy Bird rerelease is otherwise unclear as he also has several other games in production.

These games include an ‘untitled cowboy shooter’, ‘a vertical flying game called Kitty Jetpack’ and an “action chess game” called Checkonaught, which is reportedly set to be released this month. However, money may prove a good incentive for Nguyen to rerelease the game once these aforementioned in-development titles have been released as Flappy Bird reportedly earns him tens of thousands of dollars in revenue a day, so we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: TechRadar

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