Google’s New Tel Aviv Office Aims to Motivate and Inspire

We very well know that Google has a bottomless pocket when it comes to keeping its employees happy and productive. The newly-opened office in Tel Aviv, Israel is nothing short of astounding. Stressful work? Pshaw! Sounds like fun to me. So where do we sign up?

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Google proudly opened the Tel Aviv office doors by the end of the year 2012. Housed in the Electra Tower, among the tallest skyscrapers in the city, the Google office spans seven floors of eye-catching design. That’s about 8,000 square meters of uniquely themed levels, to be specific: Humor & Fun, Dream & Delight, Culture & Heritage, Friends & Family, Joy & Optimism, Energy & Vitality, and Innovation & Hospitality.

Google Office 2

The teams behind Switzerland-based Camenzind Evolution takes credit for the beautiful concepts turned to awe-inspiring reality. The Swiss design team also collaborated with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, both of which are based in Israel. According to the designers, Google wanted the work place to inspire creativity among the employees, as well as to ensure that all their needs are met.

With all the coolest facilities, who’s going to complain? There’s a fitness gym, a desert, an indoor surf shack with giant slide, a cozy farm, three restaurants, and various corners where you can sit, relax, and commune with nature while indoors. Though there are areas for work desks, Google Tel Aviv encourages its more than 250 employees to think outside the work station. That explains dozens of comfy seating space for lounging and brainstorming.

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The Google Tel Aviv office has also received environmental certifications for using renewable and eco-friendly materials in its construction. Truly, Google has gone way beyond over the top with this new office, adding to its roster of incredible workplaces, like the offices in London and New York.

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