goTenna, the gadget that allows off-the-grid texting

Having so much technology and connectivity all around us is easy to get used to. That is, until you realize you can’t access it because of your location.


We’ve grown so accustomed to our technology and having the constant support of the internet and our loved ones thanks to our smartphones that it’s really noticeable when our gadgets’ signals drop to zero. This device goTenna is a solution for those who find themselves in that situation frequently. Put simply, goTenna allos device-to-device communication without needing to tap into any central connectivity. By using a BluetoothLE connection, devices that are goTenna-enabled can detect each other and communicate using long-range radio waves.

Basically, users can detect and communicate with their friends easily without having to depend on the main grid, as long as they are in range, even if they are in airplane mode. The idea came up as the creators were trying to find each other in New Orleans during the events of Katrina, tragedy which served as the inspiration for the device. The product isn’t out yet, but there’s no crowd-funding involved in it: you can straight up pre-order two devices for $149 USD at their official website.

Via The Epoch Times

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