Jolt Sensor Vibrates Upon Detecting Concussions in Athletes

It’s not unusual for athletes involved in high-impact sports to go home with a concussion. The problem is when said concussion isn’t detected in time and a second head injury with devastating consequences occurs.

The good news is that a lot of companies are looking into ways of detecting head injuries in time so that complications are avoided. At CES 2014 Reebok showcased Checklight, a head impact indicator that’s placed just under the helmet. Now, Jolt Sensor unveiled an eponymous product that’s even more inconspicuous. While Reebok’s Checklight was aimed at professional athletes, Jolt Sensor was actually created for the young crowd, as we need to take care of our

Jolt Sensor measures only 1.37 x 0.67 x 0.45 in (3.5 x 1.7 x 1.15 cm) and can be clipped-on to basically anything, just as long as it’s near the head: helmets, goggles, headbands, caps, etc.The best part about it, though, must be the companion app. Available on both Android and iOS, the app displays notifications whenever a concussion is detected. The athlete also becomes aware of the concussion, as the Jolt Sensor vibrates upon detecting one. Both the coach and the parents are alerted right away. The coach is notified so it can pull the injured athlete from the field. If this happened before, a lot of athletes would be fine now, without having to experience complications.

The device comes with a battery that lasts for weeks. It’s quite convenient, as it also charges over MicroUSB, so if you forget your charger at home, chances are there is someone nearby with one in their backpack. The silicone rubber exterior protects the Jolt Sensor from physical shocks, and it also makes it waterproof, which means that you can play your favorite sport on any weather, so long as you don’t catch a cold.

The Jolt Sensor is currently featured on Kickstarter, where its makers are looking to raise $60K. Should the project get funded in time, all backers who contributed more than $80 will receive the sensor in April 2015. From my perspective, the price is just OK. Think for a moment how much parents would have to pay in the scenarios where a Jolt Sensor isn’t used. The US isn’t exactly a country with cheap health care, is it now?

Hopefully, the crowdfunding campaign will be a success and plenty of young athletes will get to use this clip-on device.

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