Graffiti Art Made Out of Sand

Most of us are used to seeing graffiti on the side of a building, under a bridge, and in a subway platform using the traditional medium of paint. But one graffiti artist in Germany looks to use a new medium for his art.

I love seeing graffiti along the walls. Although I cannot understand it all, I love the use of colors and shapes. But normally, I am used to seeing graffiti in paint form, as I am sure all of you are as well. Well, one German artist named Mirko Reisser, but commonly known as DAIM, looked to use a new medium for his graffiti-style art…sand.

DAIM spent an entire day along the Frisian North Sea building a three dimensional graffiti installation. It took a total of six hours to complete. And while it took awhile for DAIM to build it, it only took 30 minutes for the tide to destroy it. But luckily, we have the pictures to make this art installation timeless.

(Via: Whudat)

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