The iGrill Food Thermometer App for Grilling Geeks

One’s first reaction to the new iPhone app for grilling (unsurprisingly called the iGrill by iDevices) may be that it’s another useless app, but the more one thinks about it, the more interesting it sounds. Whether you’re grilling something or baking it in the oven, temperature is important. For meats, you want to ensure they’re safe to eat but not overcooked, dry, and tough. For baked goods, it’s also important to reach an ideal temperature balance.

Probe thermometers have served cooking geeks well for years, the wires and metal probes able to reach over a grill or into a closed oven, while the actual bulk of the digital thermometer is safely away from the high heat. So, why change things? For one, app geeks will simply love the idea of having the thermometer there on their iPhone or iPad device, tracking it remotely. But upon further thought, it’s easy to see just how handy such an app could be. As someone who lives in a cold, rainy climate, I love to grill but don’t love to hover outside to constantly get updates on how close my food is to being done. With an app like iGrill, you can sit in the comfort of your home and simultaneously monitor your food.

iGrill Thermometer and App 1

iGrill Thermometer and App 2

iGrill Thermometer and App 3

Similarly, for any sports fans out there, you know how frustrating it can be to have to constantly check on food while the game is on, and it’s tempting to just wait until the next commercial break. Unfortunately, that wait could result in overdone or even burnt food that you’re serving to your guests. By merely diverting your gaze from the TV to your iPad or iPhone, you can check your food’s temperature without missing more than a second of the game. Is that too much for you? Then simply set the alarm for a specific temperature and your device will alert you when it’s time to take the food off the grill.

If you’re interested in the iGrill probe thermometer, you can net yourself one in white or black for $99.99. Extra probes cost $19.99, and the thermometer and apps support the use of multiple probes, allowing you to monitor two foods at the same time. If you like this, you cooking geeks may also like a Modular Spatula Block or these Geeky Cutting Boards.

Via: MacNN