gScreen Spacebook Limits Portability, Maximizes Awesomeness

It all started with bulky huge systems called ‘Blue Elephants’ for which specially designed rooms were built to install the large systems. With the increasing competition and customers asking for smart pieces, IBM’s and HP’s of the world developed personal computers. In no time the sleek, compatible and easy to carry Laptops were created.

Few years down the line the only focus for technology was the memory space, Display screen and sleekness. But now, Gscreen Spacebook’s innovation might change the rules of the game.  This Alaska based company has come up with something that might just become the apple of every gadget freak’s eye.

The company has introduced a two-inch-thick laptop with a dual screen. The Gscreen Spacebook features dual 17-inch displays that slide to open side-by-side. The displays have full HD 1920×1080 resolution and are available in either glossy or matte.

It was in Hawaii where the idea of a laptop with dual screen struck GScreen’s CEO Gordon Stewart while he was working on a film project. He realized he’d have to bring his entire desktop all the way from Anchorage in order to get the computing power and screen real estate that was essential. That’s when he laid the foundation for designing and building the dual screen SpaceBook laptop.

The SpaceBook comes in two models, one with Intel Core i5-560M 2.66GHz processor and 4GB of RAM for $2395, and the other with Intel Core i7-740qm quad-core 1.74 GHz processor and 8GB of RAM for $3795.

Pre-orders have just begun and can be placed at the Gscreen SpaceBook, wherein the customers who pre-book the laptop can avail a 50% discount. This brings the price of the product down to $1200.

The Alaska based company has designed the dual screen laptops keeping in mind the higher productivity need of professional designers, filmmakers, photographers and really anyone who can’t live without a dual screen. Gordon plans to have the first Spacebooks being sold through by December of the current year. As of now, there might be few tweaks on the fronts of the power source and the screen slider.

At the end of the day it’s all about ‘Is this a good buy for me’, the answer lies ahead: I can understand needing the extra screen real estate to accomplish more visually-intensive work, but it’s extremely difficult to move around with the huge sized gScreen SpaceBook.

The SpaceBook’s claim to glory is its massive dual 17.3-inch screen setup, which earns it brownie points for being the first of its kind. Weighing about ten pounds, this is certainly not so sleek and comfortable. However, for the so called professional designers and artists it might benefit in collaborating work from different ends and get a larger picture of the job.

I don’t think it worth for myself. But those who are interested in learning more about such stuff should read about Solar Powered Laptop and Laptop Designs.