Honda Civic: As Crisp as Cereal?

The Honda Civic is one of the most purchased cars on the market due to its amazing fuel economy, as well as it’s affordable price. With a car like that, Honda is always looking for new ways to pitch it’s token car to its potential buyers.

Where the man in charge came up with this is beyond me, but the advertising truly is unique. It starts with a team assembling a cereal box that has been tipped over, and it is quite interesting to watch them assemble this over sized cereal box! Starting from mere wires and wood, the box begins to take shape. Once it is complete, it is stuffed with “cereal,” some of which is free to be moved by pedestrians! Once the car is put into place and made to look like it has just been taken out of the box as a cereal toy, the package is complete, and the reactions of the passer-byers is priceless.

Again, I have no idea how some people come up with these ideas, but this one was great and really engaged the local community. It seems that everyone wanted to not only take pictures of the car, but also take a picture with the free-to-move cereal pieces on the ground! It’s great to see so many people engaged by an advertising stunt, and I guess Honda really did make “Driving fun Again.”