gTool aims to fix any bent iPhone 6 – and we thank it for that

Bent iPhones now are a problem of the past as gTool aims to straighten them up, back into their proper shape.


The iPhone 6 launch, while a huge success, has not been free of its own special set of problems. The biggest one seems to be what the Internet has deemed to call “bendgate”: the iPhone 6 apparently has a huge tendency to get bent after spending a considerable ammount of time on someone’s pocket. gTool aims to make this situation a problem of the past.

The gTool Panel Press was created to fix bent iPhone 6s, or any device for that matter. The process is quite simple if the video below is any guideline, but the gTool itself is not out in the market just yet so we can’t attest to how good of an idea it is. What we do know, though, is that they better release it soon, before the Internet decides to no longer care and the issue is still hot.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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