Thanko thumb extension: regular sized thumb for people with small hands

Japan surprises us again with a clever idea aimed at users with small hands: now that phones seem to be getting bigger, so should your thumbs.

Thanko Thumb

There was a time where smaller phones were the most desirable. Not anymore, though, as every smartphone developer out there seems to be trying to outsize one another, with the Galaxy, Nexus and iPhone families being the main offenders.

Japanese manufacturer Thanko, aware of just how big the iPhone is in Japan and how users’ hands are way smaller in average came up with a concept to reconcile them. The Thanko thumb extension is, as it name indicates, a large thumb extension made out of soft silicone. This extension adds some 15 millimeters (a bit more than half an inch) to the user’s thumb, ensuring they can reach the total area of the phone without having to grab it awkwardly. Also, it has a stylus tip at the end for those users who prefer it.

Although the thumb extension is not being sold outside of Japan (where it retails for a bit less than $14 USD), Thanko has been quoted as being open to expand if the product proves to be successful, and we sincerely hope it does. It looks just adorable, if the video below is any indication.


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